What are the shortcomings or weaknesses of Indian democracy.

Approved answer

In spite of certain achievements. Indian democracy has not been able to solve the problems in their entirety. There have been certain shortcomings. These include the following: 

(i) Though GDP has increased about 50 percent, children below five years are still malnourished. 
(ii) People are still living in abject poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. 
(iii) More than 60 percent of Indian people do not have access to sanitation. (iv) Economic development has not been accompanied by institutional changes. 
(v) About 35 percent of the Indian population still lives below the poverty line. (vi) Women's representation in governance is not even 6 percent. 
(vii) Socio-economic inequalities continue to exist in our society. 
(viii) Society is divided along casteism. communal, linguistic and regional lines. (ix) Politics has been criminalised. The use of money and muscle power has shaken the faith of people in democracy. 
(x) Society has been divided in the name of caste, religion and creed. 
(xi) Increasing corruption has shaken the faith of people in the political system. Democracy Is considered to be a means of making easy money at the cost of public welfare.