Differentiate between ‘Objective’ and ‘Strategy’ as types of plans.

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Objectives are the ends toward which activity is aimed— they are the results to be achieved. They represent not only the end point of planning but also the end toward which organising, staffing, leading and controlling are aimed.

Organisation can grow without any difficulty if it has well-defined objectives. These objectives should be clearly defined and communicated throughout the organisation. Such objectives must be realistic.
Strategy formulation is the task of top level people and it is must to scan and understand clearly the business environment before framing the strategy. The common decisions in strategy are whether to introduce a new product or not. If to introduce then how, finding out customer for your products making changes in existing products etc. All the strategic decisions are greatly influenced by the business environment. Strategy defines the future decisions regarding the organisation’s direction and scope in the long run.
For example, Choice of advertising media, sales promotion techniques, channels of distribution, etc.