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you find information that you know to be classified on the internet what should you do?

Note the website URL and report the situation to your security point of contact

which of the following is ture of unclassified information?

it could affect the safety of government personnel, missions, and systems

which of the following is a security best practice for protecting personally identifiable information (PII) ?

Encrypt and digitally sign e-mails containing PII when sending them to non-Government accounts.

which designation marks information that does not have potential to damage national security?


which of the following is NOT an example of CUI?

Press release data.

which of the following is NOT a correct way to protect CUI?

CUI may be stored on any password protected system.

which of the following is NOT a type of malicious code?

which of the following is an example of malicious code?

software that installs itself without the users knowledge.

how can malicious code cause damage?

all of these.

how can you avoid downloading malicious code?

do not access website links in email messages.

which of the following is a good practice for telework?

what is the basis for the handling and storage of classified data?

what level of damage to national security can you reasonably expect top secret information to cause if disclosed?

Exceptionally grave damage

which of the following is true about telework?

you must have your organizations permission to telework.

which of the following is true of protecting classified data?

classified material must be appropriately marked.

what function do insider threat programs aim to fulfill?

proactively identify potential threats and formulate holistic mitigation response.

which of the following is a potential insider threat indicator?

unusual interest in classified information.

based on the description that follows, how many potential insider threat indicator(s) are displayed? a colleague abruptly becomes hostile and unpleasant after previously enjoying positive working relationships with peers, purchases and unusually expensive new car and has unexplained absences from work.

3 or more indicators.

a trusted friend in your social network post a link to a vaccine information on a website known to you. what action should you take?

???actively seek content that confirms the information???

ow can you protect yourself on social networking sites?

???deleting post containing personal information on a regular basis???

how can you protect your organization on social networking sites?

???actively engage in non professional and non routine contacts with foreign nationals.???

which cyber protection condition (CPCON) establishes a protection priority focus on critical functions only?


what should the employee do differently?


remove his CAC and lock his work station.

what should the employee do differently?


decline to let the person in and redirect her to security.

which of the following is an example of two- factor authentication?

a common access card and personal identification number.

which of the following is true of the (CAC) or (PIV) card?

you should remove and take you CAC/PIV card whenever you leave your workstation.

what must authorized personnel do before permitting another individual to enter a sensitive compartmented information facility? (SCIF)

Confirm the individuals need to know and access.

which of the following is true of security classification guides?

the provide guidance on reasons for and duration of classification of information

which of the following is NOT a potential consequence of using removable media unsafely in a sensitive Compartmented information facility? (SCIF)


the one not on this list is the answer





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